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Negroponte: You really can give a kid a laptop

Speaking at the Techonomy conference, the One Laptop Per Child founder says that kids getting laptops are teaching themselves--and then their parents--to read.

By August 6, 2010


A Beltway boost for EVs

Automotive News reports on how the lobbying group SAFE, Securing America's Future Energy, is pushing government policy to encourage the electrification of cars.

By August 17, 2011


Day 2 of Google I/O: Chrome, Chrome, Chrome

Google's focus on the second day of its annual developer conference was all about its Chrome browser, Web app store, and operating system for computers.

By May 11, 2011


Joi Ito dives into the MIT Media Lab (Q&A)

45 Minutes on IM: New head of famous tech and innovation center talks to CNET about why he's a good fit, what it will be like to merge his network with that of the lab, and why he's passionate about diving.

By April 27, 2011


Berners-Lee calls for higher purpose of Web

Designers of Web tech need to consider not just cool new features they can enable but also the impact that information sharing has on all of humanity, says Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee at MIT.

By April 12, 2011


Innovators gather for 'techonomic' summit (roundup)

Google and Hewlett-Packard are just two of the companies represented at the inaugural Techonomy conference, focused on the economic power of innovation.

By August 9, 2010


India's $35 tablet--how low can it go?

India unveils a prototype for a super-cheap tablet aimed at students. But will it really cost that little once it moves past the R&D stage?

By July 23, 2010


One tablet per kiddo

Yahoo Mail gets Facebook feed integration, Roku adds local radio stations, and the One Laptop Per Child program turns into One Tablet Per Child.

By May 28, 2010


Marvell backs ambitious $100 OLPC tablet

The One Laptop Per Child foundation's futuristic vision of an inexpensive tablet computer for children of developing nations is closer to reality, thanks to a partnership with manufacturer Marvell.

By May 27, 2010


A few tips for Showtime

Showtime may launch an online streaming site, EA Games kicks off Online Pass to give gamers extra play, and solar-powered iPod speakers may be a great addition to your summer pool parties.

By May 11, 2010