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Ceiva playing at a fridge near you

Whirlpool's wired refrigerators will get its digital photo frames.

By September 27, 2007


iPhone unlocks use buffer overflow -- nearly guaranteed to be broken by next Apple firmware update

iPhone unlocks use buffer overflow -- nearly guaranteed to be broken by next Apple firmware update

By September 13, 2007


Sony NWZ-A810 coming to an Internet near you

The NWZ-A810 series is expected to go on sale this month and comes in a variety of color and capacity combos.

By August 29, 2007


Coming to a Flash video near you: high definition

Adobe will add support for the video compression standard H.264, which is used for high-definition video.

By August 21, 2007


Another Google vs. Microsoft near-row in D.C.

At a gathering of economists musing about the proposed DoubleClick deal, an outside attorney for the search giant attempts to take to task an economist hired by Redmond.

By July 18, 2007


RIAA ordered to pay nearly $70K in attorneys' fees

Deborah Foster was sued by the RIAA over illegal downloading that was apparently conducted by her adult daughter. Today, a judge ordered the RIAA to pay her nearly $70,000 to cover her attorneys' fees. This could be the beginning of the end of the RIAA's

By July 17, 2007


Update: Rhapsody's coming to a Clix near you

iRiver officially teams up with Rhapsody to offer an optimized experience with the music service on the Clix.

By July 11, 2007


Microsoft nears Home Server release

Software maker says it's ready with a near-final "release candidate," with a final version due later this year.

By June 12, 2007


Microsoft (nearly) reaches 1 million Zunes sold

Robbie Bach, President of Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division reveals that they will reach 1 million Zune MP3 player sales by the end of June.

By May 29, 2007


Clown meetup sought near San Francisco

A professionally trained clown is looking to get together with some colleagues near San Francisco

By May 2, 2007