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Cisco to spend $5 billion for set-top box software maker

Cisco is on the acquisition hunt again as it buys NDS, a video software delivery provider. Cisco hopes NDS will help it tap into emerging markets.

By March 15, 2012


Survey says: DVR could improve your relationships

More than 80 percent of Americans with a DVR can't live without it, according to an NDS survey.

By September 3, 2008


Digital TV provider sues rival for piracy

France's Canal+ Group files a suit alleging British rival NDS employed a high-tech lab to break its smart-card security and posted the info online.

By March 12, 2002


MTV grooves to interactive TV service

NDS Group, a provider of interactive TV applications, partners with MTV Networks to launch a new interactive music service in the United Kingdom.

February 11, 2002


HP's Java clone wins set-top box deal

NDS Group, a British digital TV company whose set-top boxes are used by 26 million subscribers, has signed a deal to use Hewlett-Packard's unlicensed version of Java in its set-top boxes, the companies said Monday. The company will use MicroChai, a gadget-oriented version of HP's clone of Sun Microsystems' Java software, which lets programs written in the Java language run on any computer. For example, Java could let software for paying for a pay-per-view show run on several different set-top boxes. Java is gaining popularity in various consumer gadgets, most notably cell phones.

By November 5, 2001


Novell highlights NDS, Internet plans

The company discloses plans to extend the functions of its core strategic Novell Directory Services technology and promotes its plans for the Internet during a speech by chief executive Eric Schmidt.

May 13, 1999


Microsoft to enhance interactive TV offerings

The software giant announces an alliance with NDS, an interactive television software provider, to bring new applications to its television efforts.

March 7, 2000


Software firms to deliver photo services via TV

NDS Group and MGI Software plan to enable consumers to electronically order photographic prints and services or view, edit and share digital images over a digital TV or set-top box.

February 3, 2000


Short Take: Novell plans LDAP developer kit

Network software provider Novell announced plans to release a software developer kit for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) technology, a key component of its NDS directory software. The "open source" kit is based on code from the OpenLDAP public license and will be released as part of Novell's overarching developer kit. The company also announced a technology and marketing alliance with middleware software maker Talarian.

January 20, 2000