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NCSA director: GPU is future of supercomputing

The director of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications says the hybrid supercomputer in China is a harbinger of future high-performance computing that combines high-end CPUs and GPUs onto one chip.

By October 29, 2010


Programmers to link grid-software features

NCSA awarded $1 million to bridge two open-source software applications important to next-generation software.

By December 1, 2004


Short Take: NCSA to certify crypto products

National Computer Security is developing criteria to certify digital security products that use cryptography. Proposed criteria, to be discussed tomorrow at a cryptography conference, include using an accepted cryptographic algorithm, implementing the algorithm without security-degrading mistakes, and passing input-output "black-box" testing. The criteria are a step toward adding crypto testing to the company's certification offerings. Testing will begin September 15, with results announced December 8.

August 18, 1997


Short Take: NCSA certifies firewalls

The National Computer Security Association certification lab has certified new firewalls from Check Point Software Technologies, Seattle Software Labs, and OpenRoute Networks. NCSA has certified a total of 32 firewalls.

By April 7, 1997


Short: Lab certifies firewall vendors

The National Computer Security Association has certified firewalls from seven more vendors in the latest round of testing by the private lab, which tests firewalls, anti-virus utilities, and other security products. The newly certified products include firewalls from Digital Equipment, Secure Computing, Cisco Systems, and 3Com. NCSA had previously certified 16 firewalls.

By October 1, 1996


Macro viruses take hold

The WinWord.concept virus has taken root as the most common virus around today and is spreading quickly, according to a preliminary survey of corporate and government end-user sites prepared by the National Computer Security Association (NCSA).

March 5, 1996