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Inktomi supports encryption technology

nCipher, a company that makes hardware that speeds up a server's encrypted communication ability, has said its equipment now works with Inktomi's products for speeding up Internet data transfer. Inktomi's network "caches" data closer to the computers that need it; the deal will allow Inktomi customers to speed the transfer of encrypted information, Woburn, Mass.-based nCipher said. In addition, nCipher will unveil its third-generation products at the RSA security conference next week, the company said. The company's products speed up communications using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), such as encrypted credit card transactions. The nCipher products compete with similar ones from Rainbow Technologies in Irvine, Calif.

By April 6, 2001


Short Take: iCat backs SET with alliances

Catalog software vendor iCat has announced alliances to support the Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) 1.0 protocol for safeguarding credit card purchases over the Internet. It is working with SET payment providers IBM, VeriFone, and Outreach Communications to offer merchants SET "cash register" software for accepting payments. ICat also unveiled alliances with hardware vendor nCipher and certificate authority VeriSign.

December 22, 1997