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national cyber-forensics and training alliance


Challenges! Alliances! Immunity! It's 'Ultimate Blogger 3'

Bloggers race to create compelling content during competition, but only one will survive what's billed as an "Internet cage match."

By September 11, 2007


National Geographic Wildlife Filmmaker: Cute, flawed mashups

National Geographic traverses Web 2.0 territory with a cute video mashup engine that never graduates past the basics.

By October 9, 2007


Electrifying emerging nations with thin-film solar

Will shantytown homes have roofs made of solar panels?

By September 14, 2007


STMicroelectronics now joins the IBM chip alliance

IBM and ST, sitting in a tree.

By July 24, 2007


National Intelligence Web site no longer invisible to search engines

On Thursday, the White House ceased to block search engines from its Iraq-related directories. Now the National Intelligence director is doing the same thing in response to queries from News.com.

By September 7, 2007


Free open source legal training webinar - sign up here

Announcing a free open-source legal training seminar.

By August 21, 2007


"Kid Nation": a breach of privacy as well as safety?

The children who participated in the reality show "Kid Nation" experienced a rough 40 days, but a look at the contract their parents signed reveals that the kids are also exposed to an indefinite breach of privacy.

By August 24, 2007


Bush, 'state secrets,' and national security run amok

Bush administration invokes "state secrets" to throw out a lawsuit saying AT&T illegally opened its network to National Security Agency.

By August 21, 2007


National Lampoon to launch women's Web site network

The comedy brand will be expanding its Web presence through 8228, a network of gossip and entertainment sites for women.

By August 20, 2007


Data theft hits Idaho National Guard

A USB drive carrying the personal data for 3,400 goes missing after a burglary.

By August 17, 2007