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Sony Nasne DVR launches in Japan Aug. 30. But in U.S.?

The tuner and media device, which comes with 500GB of onboard storage, will go on sale for $216 at the end of the month.

By August 7, 2012


Introducing Nasne, Sony's sleek DVR of (Japan's) future

In another example of Japan getting all the neat stuff first, Sony details a beefy DVR and media storage hub that is compatible with its PlayStation, Vaio, Tablet, and Xperia lines.

By April 17, 2012


This week in Crave: The stargazing edition

This week, we looked skyward to see Discovery's last flight -- and constellations made using LEDs, fiber optics, nylon line, and giant slingshots. Also, we got a rare look inside DC Comics' N.Y. headquarters and took a ride on a superyacht fit for supervillains.

By April 21, 2012