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The chroniclers of narcissism: Daily Mugshot vs. Daily Booth

If you want to see how you progress throughout the year in pictures, you have two options: Daily Mugshot or Daily Booth. But if you want to find out which is best for you, we have the answer.

By Mar. 27, 2009


Indulge your narcissism with a Mini-Me bot

Wait, don't just burn that extra money; pay someone two G's to make a robotic Mini-Me.

By Feb. 6, 2009


Finally, an actual use for a selfie

TicketLeap is using technology to replace ticket QR codes with, guess what, your selfies. Say hello to the Selfie Ticket.

By Feb. 21, 2014


Ad agencies: We'd rather work with Google than Apple

In what many might view as a remarkable reversal of fortune, a survey of senior advertising figures shows their enthusiasm for working with Apple is fading a little.

By Sep. 1, 2013


See the very first (surprisingly handsome) selfie... from 1839

A Philadelphia photographer was believed to be the first person to turn the camera on himself, unwittingly launching a revolution that would stay dormant until the smartphone age more than 170 years later.

By Nov. 24, 2013


Smile for the dictionary: 'Selfie' is 2013 word of the year

The Oxford English Dictionaries observed a five-fold increase in the use of the word this year and awarded it an honored place in the current lexicon.

By Nov. 18, 2013


The 404 878: Where we don't give a truck about freeze (podcast)

Jay-Z and Kanye West unleashed their collaborative album "Watch The Throne" yesterday, but how did they keep it from leaking before the release? We'll tell you on today's episode of The 404 Podcast.

By Aug. 9, 2011


Tablet highs and lows of 2013

Looking back on the best and the worst of all things tablet in 2013.

By Dec. 16, 2013


Oink will help you find the ultimate cup of coffee

New item review site from Digg founder Kevin Rose launches, and it's pretty good.

By Nov. 4, 2011


Andrew Keen: 'Social media is killing our species'

In his new book, "Digital Vertigo," Keen argues that the profusion of sharing online is harming society, dividing, diminishing, and disorienting humanity.

By Jun. 4, 2012