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Cobra iRadar Atom

Not so fast and furious there, kid. With Cobra iRadar Atom, you'll be able to know where local speed traps are to avoid getting ticketed.

May. 22, 2013


Narc busted

Narc, a Grand Theft Auto-style game developed by Midway, has been banned in Australia. The game was due for release for Xbox in May.

By Apr. 14, 2005


The 404 1,073: Where it could use some more bacon (podcast)

After staring longingly at Burger King's bacon-topped sundae dessert, we'll dive into the stories of the day: bootleg bounty hunters, Photochopping, and a list of our favorite graphic novels!

By Jun. 13, 2012


50 Cent shot down by Australian censors

Looks like Fiddy won't be In Da Clubfor Australian gamers, with the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) effectively banning the game 50 Cent Bulletproof from local sale.

By Nov. 28, 2005


Reservoir Dogs game banned in Australia

It's yet another embarrassing day to be an Aussie gamer. Reservoir Dogs, the upcoming game based on the hit Quentin Tarantino film, has been banned in Australia.

By Jun. 26, 2006


The 404 171: Where we're on the RIGHT coast

Quick health update: Wilson is doing well and is on the miracle, three-day, cure-all Z-Pack. MTI fills in for another awesome show where we cut into our fillet of coastal beef.

By Aug. 26, 2008


Marc Ecko banned in Australia

Another month, another game ban. This time it is graffiti-focused action title Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure, which has been refused classification by Australia's Office of Film and Literature Classification (OLFC), effectively making the game illegal to sell in this country.

By Feb. 15, 2006


Violence in games stimulates brain for aggression

Violent video games appear to put the human brain in a mood to fight, according to a new study from Michigan State University in the US.

By Oct. 12, 2005


The right to hit play

While Government bodies are allowing R18+ rated content on mobile phones, nothing has been done to remedy the situation with games, where a "maximum" rating of MA15+ applies.

By May. 31, 2005


Onkyo HT-S667C

Onkyo has once again produced one of the best-sounding, most feature-laden kits we've tested at an affordable price.

Jul. 14, 2003

4 stars Editor's rating Jul. 14, 2003

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