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Dear Aereo: Good luck. You'll need it. Signed, Napster and Grokster vets

Aereo's Supreme Court defeat stirred memories of Napster and Grokster, startups that faced media giants in court -- and lost. These are their lessons for the aftermath.

By July 3, 2014


Telefonica tunes in Rhapsody's Napster for streaming music

Telefonica Digital picks the music industry's original digital disrupter -- now a by-the-books subscription service -- as its favored streaming music provider, and it could take a stake in Rhapsody.

By October 16, 2013


Remember Napster? Rhapsody is refreshing Europe's memory

After buying the erstwhile pirate-music kingpin in 2011, Rhapsody International takes first major step with Napster and pushes it beyond U.K. and Germany to 14 new European countries

By June 3, 2013


Metallica and Napster kiss and make up

Well, Lars Ulrich and Sean Parker hugged on stage, at least.

By December 6, 2012


Parker, Fanning: Napster was still better than what we have now

Although new services like Spotify and Rdio offer users the ability to legally listen to vast collections of music at no cost, Napster's founders lament that music sharing today is still behind 1999.

By March 14, 2012


RIP Napster--again

Rhapsody completes acquisition of the music service, which in a former iteration frustrated the music industry and helped change the landscape of digital music.

By December 1, 2011


Sean Parker: Spotify to finish what Napster started

Napster's co-founder argues Napster paved the way for Spotify and other modern digital-music lockers.

By October 17, 2011


Rhapsody to acquire Napster (scoop)

One of the oldest subscription services will acquire Napster from Best Buy in a deal that could be announced as soon as today, sources said.

By October 3, 2011


Was Napster or iTunes more influential?

The top few may be easy to name, but how would you round out the field? Read our picks and then decide for yourself.

By May 27, 2011


Napster DMPJ-250C (1GB)

The Napster DMPJ-250C (1GB) player, plus a one-year subscription to Napster To Go would make a good gift for any MP3 newbie, but steer clear of this deal if you don't want to be locked into subscription music for 12 months.

July 27, 2006

3 stars Editors' rating July 27, 2006

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