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Mozilla releases first beta of Firefox 3.6

The "Namoroka" beta brings performance improvements, Personas, and several abilities Web developers should notice. With it, Mozilla is trying to move faster.

By October 30, 2009


Mozilla: Firefox 3.6 won't be late

The first beta of Firefox 3.6 may have crossed the finish line weeks late, but Mozilla says the final version should still be done this year.

By November 4, 2009


Mozilla pushes for fast move to Firefox 3.6

Firefox management, trying to speed its browser development, wants a fast transition to the upcoming version 3.6. Not everyone agrees.

By October 21, 2009


Google lets 100 artists paint on Chrome canvas

Themes from Wes Craven, fashion houses, and many artists add some color to Chrome--if you can find some empty pixels in the browser to show them off.

By October 5, 2009


Mozilla nudges Firefox users to latest version

The browser developer has flipped the upgrade switch to coax Firefox 3.0 users to move to version 3.5.

By August 17, 2009


Mozilla issues first Firefox 3.6 alpha version

An early version of an update to the browser is starting to emerge. Mozilla touts faster JavaScript, new style features, and more rapid delivery than with Firefox 3.5.

By August 8, 2009


Firefox 3.6 alpha tested: Fastest Firefox ever

This weekend, Mozilla unleashed an early version of Firefox 3.6. We've tested it, and not only is it the fastest Firefox ever, it's almost as fast the first version of Google Chrome

By August 9, 2009


Mozilla starts preparing developers for Firefox 3.6

Firefox project organizers are starting to button down details about the sequel to the present browser. Think alerts, hiding menu bars, and geolocation.

By July 29, 2009


With 3.5 launch, Firefox faces new challengers

Mozilla's browser broke Microsoft's IE8 lock on the market. But the new Firefox 3.5 faces other serious alternative-browser contenders.

By June 30, 2009


Ch-ch-ch-changes: A visual history of Firefox

Firefox has changed in several key ways over the years. We take you through some of the big interface changes from version 0.8 up to the latest release candidate of 3.5.

By June 29, 2009