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Theremini helps theremin beginners not sound terrible

Make beautiful music with Moog's pitch-corrected Theremini, a theremin that helps you learn without sounding like an angry cat.

By January 27, 2014


Peavey AT-200 brings Auto-Tune to guitars

Peavey promises you'll never stop playing to retune your guitar again, and every chord will sound perfect.

By January 31, 2012


Innovative USB-recording interfaces at NAMM

USB-recording interfaces, which let you plug instruments into your computer for recording, aren't new. But at the NAMM show, IK Multimedia and Roland bring advances to this well-furrowed field.

By January 19, 2009


Akai teases APC40 at NAMM 2009

Musical instrument manufacturer Akai reveals plans at NAMM 2009 to create the APC40 MIDI controller for the popular Ableton Live music software.

By January 15, 2009


Jobs named 'personality of the year' at Mobile World Congress

Although Apple isn't participating in the trade show, the media has chosen Steve Jobs as the Mobile Industry Personality of the Year.

By February 17, 2010


FCC: iPad use could further strain AT&T 3G

If the 3G version of Apple's iPad tablet proves to be as popular as analysts are predicting, AT&T will face increased network congestion problems, warns a blog post by two agency directors.

By February 6, 2010


The Eigenharp lets you rock Mos Eisley-style

The new electronic instrument sounds like a keyboard but is held like a guitar or saxophone. Its versatility promises to make it popular on stage.

By December 17, 2009


Sony shows off PCM-M10 digital audio recorder

Sony's upcoming PCM-M10 digital audio recorder is announced at the 2009 Summer NAMM convention.

By July 20, 2009


MP3 Insider 130: Personal radio apps for the iPhone

Donald and Jasmine discuss Pandora 2.0 and the new Slacker app for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Also, a bit of info from the NAMM show and a little good-natured ribbing at Haier America's expense. Oh, and we poke some serious fun at Microsoft.

By January 15, 2009


Microsoft closes Powerset deal

The natural language search firm officially became part of Microsoft on Friday. Now the question is what Redmond will do with the technology.

By August 5, 2008