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Startup Soraa lights up with 'LED 2.0'

The startup sees a 75 percent boost in efficiency with its LED bulb, a new material platform for bringing down the cost of LEDs for general lighting.

By February 7, 2012


Infiniti backs off rwd-only stance

Automotive News reports on new models from Infiniti that will use a front-wheel-drive architecture.

By August 31, 2011


Mitsubishi's EV goal: 2,000 N.A. sales by April

Automotive News reports on Mitsubishi's sales goal for the i electric car.

By July 15, 2011


Stalker balloon, fragrant PCs aired at design contest

From cool hybrid computers to digital flower vases, entrants to the Fujitsu Design Awards 2011 contest come up with all sorts of intriguing ideas to tickle our futuristic fantasies.

By May 24, 2011


Order Roomba around by pointing with Kinect

A Japanese researcher puts robots in their place with some decisive pointing.

By February 3, 2011


Best crowd-sourced music videos: Weezer, Lily Allen and more

You're a clever bunch, you lot out there in Internetland. Pop stars including Cassius, Lily Allen, and Weezer have spotted your potential too.

By November 29, 2010


Mitsubishi will offer plug-in hybrid in 2013

Mitsubishi will launch a plug-in hybrid SUV in 2013, the head of the company's electric vehicle business unit said.

By November 22, 2010


Where's Nissan design headed? Look at the lamps

Automotive News reports on Nissan's new design direction.

By April 29, 2010


Nissan shakes up core styling

Nissan design chief Shiro Nakamura plans to overhaul styling of the company's sedans and compact cars to give them a more consistent look.

By April 7, 2010


Still waiting for the tablet revolution

Some have proclaimed 2010 as the year the tablet PC will finally make it to the mainstream. Based on what we've seen so far, it's not likely.

By September 16, 2009