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Get your control freak on with stick-anywhere home sensors

Sense Mother and Motion Cookies are a flexible network of sensors you can put on anything from a toothbrush to a backpack. Feel better?

By December 12, 2013


You Review: Karotz cutesy Wi-Fi smart rabbit... thing

We let one of our forum fans, Marc Crane, loose on the Karotz -- the latest word in bunny-shaped home communications devices.

By January 18, 2012


The 'Nabaztag' gets tagged

French graffiti artist Andre claims work of art.

By December 3, 2007


Photos: Cracking open the Nabaztag Wi-Fi rabbit

News.com's got a gallery up on the dissection of the plastic rabbit.

By November 14, 2007


Tiny penguin bot chirps Facebook messages to you

Arimaz's MyDeskFriend is a little robot penguin that communicates with Facebook.

By June 29, 2009


Buzz Out Loud 957: Tweetza Hut!!!!

One of our listeners is upset that Pizza Hut is hiring interns to Twitter for them. We try to show the difference between astroturfing on blogs and hiring someone to Twitter legitimately.

By April 21, 2009


Les périodique et le lapin d'Interweb: Print goes online with RFID

Bonjour, gadget-loveurs. French magazine Amusement is the first to connect to the Internet -- via a robo-rabbit -- thanks to an embedded RFID tag. Ménage a trois!

By March 24, 2009


Nabaztag/tag: Robo rabbit returns

The ear-wiggling, weather-reading rabbit returns with some new tricks up his sleeve: now he smells, hears and picks up Internet radio

By January 17, 2007


Internode gets Chumby

The 'net gets friendly, courtesy of Internode and Chumby.

By November 12, 2008


Nabaztag 2.0

The French company behind the toy rabbit Wi-Fi communicator updates the original version.

By December 15, 2006