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Nokia N8

The Nokia N8 excels as a camera phone, and the improvements of Symbian 3 make it one of the company's best smartphones to date. However, it still has its shortcomings and an expensive price tag, making it a hard sell for the North American market.

October 8, 2010

4 stars Editors' rating October 8, 2010

Nokia N8 in your own words: A reader review retrospective

The Nokia N8 was the most divisive, controversial phone of the last year and our brilliant readers -- that's you! -- had plenty to say on the matter. Here's the best.

By May 16, 2011


Nokia N8 takes to the skies with 12-megapixel aerial photos

Aerial photographer Jason Hawkes has jumped in a helicopter and explored Britain from the air, armed with an N8's 12-megapixel camera.

7 Images By March 28, 2011


Layar takes augmented reality to Nokia N8 and other Symbian smart phones

Augmented reality app Layar is now available for Symbian smart phones, including the Nokia N8 and E7. It joins the existing iPhone and Android versions of the AR browser.

By March 4, 2011


Nokia N8 set for Symbian update with tweaked homescreen and widgets

Nokia has given a Chinese conference a sneak peek at the next version of its Symbian OS, with a screenshot showing new features running on an N8 smart phone.

By February 25, 2011


Nokia N8 owners to get free games as part of Symbian 1.1 software update

Nokia has released software update 1.1 for its new Symbian devices, including the N8, C7 and C6-01. It includes new features and three free preloaded games from big publishers.

By February 7, 2011


Nokia N8 gets DAB digital radio headset

Nokia's new digital radio headset brings DAB radio to smart phones including the N8, C7, C6-01 and the soon-to-launch E7. It's free when you buy an N8.

By January 21, 2011


Nokia admits the N8 is dying on "limited number" of owners

Nokia has admitted to a major problem with a small number of its flagship Nokia N8 smart phones -- namely, they won't switch on.

By November 19, 2010


Down the Dumper: Nokia N8 and HD DVD out in Greatest Gadget first round

The first round of voting in our joyous Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century tournament is over and some mighty tech just couldn't quite cut the mustard.

By November 15, 2010


Nokia N8 taking a pasting in our Greatest Gadget tournament, at the hands of the Pioneer Kuro TV

We weren't too keen on the Nokia N8, but we know lots of you love it. But now the N8 is being trounced in our Greatest Gadget tournament by the Pioneer Kuro TV. We get analysing...

By November 11, 2010