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Samsung N510, N130 and N140 netbooks: Hands-on photos

Good news, highly portable laptop fans. Samsung's just busted out a new N-series range of netbooks that look set to lay the proverbial smackdown on the rest of its rivals

9 Images By September 3, 2009


Ion-packing Netbooks: Samsung N510 finally arrives next month

Arriving in September for $599, the N510 will be one of the first U.S. laptops with an Nvidia Ion processor inside. Is it worth the wait?

By August 11, 2009


Are graphics all you're looking for in a Netbook?

When Ion Netbooks finally hit stores, will they be missing link you've been looking for?

By September 21, 2009


Kohjinsha Netbook goes really tiny

Known for making low-cost convertible tablets with 7- to 9-inch screen sizes, the Japanese maker's latest model is a notebook with a tiny 4.8-inch touch screen.

By September 11, 2009


Another new Intel Atom Netbook CPU to hit in 2010

According to online leaks, a new higher-end Atom is also joining the party, in the form of the Intel Atom N470.

By September 8, 2009


Samsung breaks Netbook mold with Nvidia chip

Nvidia confirms Monday that Samsung will bring out a Netbook based on Nvidia's Ion chipset, another design that breaks the Netbook mold.

By June 29, 2009