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Fire Game Controller

Get ready for living-room gaming, Amazon-style: a new controller aims to bring games to the big screen with Fire TV.

April 2, 2014


iBoss Home Parental Control Wireless-N router

The iBoss Home Parental Control Wireless-N router offers the most comprehensive tool to manage access to the Internet. Beyond that, it's a rather simple router that requires an annual subscription fee to operate, therefore holding appeal only for those who want complete control over a network's online activities.

June 5, 2009

3 stars Editors' rating June 5, 2009

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Universal Remote Control R2-Mini Remote-N-Go

If you're looking for a cheap but functional TV remote that's small enough to fit on your keychain, the Universal Remote Control R2-Mini is just the ticket.

April 3, 2006

3 stars Editors' rating April 3, 2006

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Amazon smartphone could be controlled by tilting this way and that

The much-rumoured Amazon smartphone could be controlled by tilting it back and forth or from side to side to reveal menus, according to the latest claims.

By April 22, 2014


Amazon introduces $40 Fire Game Controller

During its video-streaming device unveiling, the company throws in its long-rumored game controller.

By April 2, 2014


Bluetooth game controller said to be for Amazon set-top box

The purported Amazon game controller looks awfully bulky and includes the familiar "A," "B," "X," and "Y" action buttons.

By March 14, 2014


Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4

On the cusp of their release into the public's eager embrace, here's the blow-by-blow of how the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One compare with one another. Now, fight!

By June 10, 2013


Amazon scores victory against Pinterest over control of .pin

Pinterest loses its fight to keep Amazon from controlling the new top-level domain .pin.

By July 18, 2013


The Best games of 2011 for the Holidays!

Gamespot's Homer Rabara and CNET's Donald Bell join Brian Tong to finish our Holiday Help Desk coverage with everything gaming. Should you get an Xbox 360 or a Sony PS3? Is Kinect worth it or is it just a gimmic? Plus, we'll tell you Gamespot's top video games of the year.

By December 19, 2011


LG PZ950 series (photos)

Although blessed with solid features, design and performance, the LG PZ950 series can't match the excellent picture quality of other plasmas in its price range.

21 Images By August 25, 2011