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Mytopia: Yet another casual-gaming start-up goes live

Social network lets players on MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, and others square off against one another in Sudoku, backgammon, chess, and other classic games.

By March 24, 2008


Xperia X1 gets Skype, CNN panels

Read news, use Skype and play poker with the new Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 panels.

By February 16, 2009


Atmosphir blends Lego, 'Super Mario' for DIY platforming

Ever wanted to build your own 3D games? A service called Atmosphir has a new tool that lets you do that without having to know any coding.

By September 10, 2008


TechCrunch50: The day 2 schedule

The list of presenters at the second day of the TechCrunch-sponsored event for start-ups ranges from Alfabetic to Personalria.

By September 9, 2008


Mobile platform tug-of-war

At a Mobile Web Wars Roundtable held by TechCrunch more than 20 mobile wonks discussed that state of mobile platforms. The iPhone was an object of adoration but not a big enough market to merit full attention.

By July 25, 2008


Social media's uphill advertising climb

The success of many social media companies is tied to online advertising. But the business model just isn't there yet, ad executives say.

By June 3, 2008