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Twitter open-sources its MySQL tweaks

Microblogging site reveals some of the enhancements it's made to the database technology it uses to store user-generated data.

By April 9, 2012


MySQL's new best friend forever? Oracle

As Oracle bolsters MySQL development community with engineering and support resources, MySQL may be better able to fend off competition from the NoSQL movement.

By March 22, 2010


Hacked MySQL.com used to serve Windows malware

Open-source software provider cleans up infection but back doors may remain, Armorize says.

By September 26, 2011


Can PostgreSQL pickup where MySQL left off?

Database company EnterpriseDB introduces a new cloud play for PostgreSQL.

By August 25, 2011


Survey: Oracle bad for Java, MySQL (infographic)

According to results of EnterpriseDB survey, 46 percent of respondents believe open-source projects like MySQL will stagnate under Oracle ownership.

By March 3, 2011


MySQL's sales catching up with Red Hat's

The open-source database leader just had an $81 million quarter, making the $1 billion valuation of acquirer Sun Microsystems start to look like a bargain.

By January 29, 2009


All MySQL's children

MySQL is being eaten away from within and without by former and current employees, perhaps calling for a way to protect itself: commercial extensions.

By October 23, 2008


MySQL's Monty Widenius leaves Sun

Monty Widenius has left Sun, and given some of his conflicts with the MySQL executive team, it may come at just the right time.

By September 5, 2008


Xeround scales MySQL for the cloud

A new start-up claims it can scale MySQL for the cloud, making it easier for applications to grow at a rapid pace.

By September 14, 2010


MySQL's Marten Mickos: No one can imitate our culture

The WSJ has a great interview with Marten Mickos.

By July 7, 2008