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Bowie joins My.MP3.com amid legal uncertainty

The online music company inks a licensing deal with David Bowie for the right to stream his music catalog over the Web, tying up a legal loose end stemming from its embattled locker service.

By November 27, 2000


Stepping up to a giant

Lindows.com CEO Michael Robertson wants to turn the Linux operating system into a genuine mass-market consumer item and a real alternative to Microsoft's Windows.

By August 5, 2003


Pressplay comes to life after long wait

The online music service launches, signaling the latest attempt to sell digital versions of copyrighted songs to consumers. Still, there are some elements that are missing.

By December 19, 2001


MP3.com to provide "on hold" phone music

The Internet music company introduces a new service to serve up melodies to phone callers placed on hold, marking its latest effort to target business customers.

February 16, 2001