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HTC at MWC 2011 (photos)

See the highlights from the HTC press conference at Mobile World Congress 2011.

14 Images By February 16, 2011


This is where you'll find your next smartphone

Mobile World Congress is the biggest and most important smartphone party of the year. And unlike a lot of tech trade shows, most of the gadgets appearing here are ones that you'll actually be able to buy.

By February 20, 2014


CNET UK Podcast 224: The best of Mobile World Congress

This week on the podcast, we take a look at some of the important products to come out of Mobile World Congress and we talk about firmware updates. Exciting times.

By February 21, 2011


The phones that ate Barcelona

On this week's podcast we look at the latest phones and tablets to come out of MWC in Spain and mourn the passing of one of our favourite gaming franchises.

By February 16, 2011


Android Atlas Weekly 36: The battle of the Android form factors (podcast)

We sift through the bucket loads of Mobile World Congress news for precious Android nuggets, including hardware news, new form factors, and a few ways to view and edit video content on future Android devices. All of that and the Android guys Justin Eckhouse and Antuan Goodwin have a little too much fun with the Androidify app on this week's edition of Android Atlas Weekly.

By February 17, 2011


Buzz Out Loud 1408: We have Cyber Issues (podcast)

On today's show, a whole collection of Apple rumors: iPhone 5 with a keyboard? That's just crazy talk. Almost as crazy as letting Apple take a 30% cut of your magazine or newspaper subscription costs by "taking advantage" of their new subscription store. Plus, Facebook is officially the entire Internet, as it gets both dedicated phone buttons and a Facebook SIM card. Plus, the U.S. finally commits to the Internet, Netflix finally arrives on Boxee, and we finally get a Plants vs. Zombies board game. I know you were waiting. --Molly

By February 15, 2011


Multitasking, IE9 coming to Windows Phone

At Mobile World Congress 2011, Microsoft outlines new features that will come to Windows Phone 7 this year.

By February 14, 2011


Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 coming to Vodafone, hints Facebook post

Vodafone has posted a link to an article on the Android 3.0 Honeycomb software and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, which may be a veiled hint the operator will stock the tablet when it goes on sale.

By February 11, 2011


Buzz Out Loud 1398: The Bing sting (podcast)

Is Microsoft copying Google's search results? Probably: but how bad is that, really? Or is it just smart? Plus, the ISP conflict of interest nightmare scenario comes to pass in Canada, and it's bad news for everyone. Are you watching, DOJ? Plus, a lawsuit accuses AT&T of overcharging for data, and petri meat is coming, people. You just wait. --Molly

By February 1, 2011


LG gearing up to launch 3D line of smartphones

LG has begun teasing their Mobile World Congress smart phone announcement with hints of a "new dimension".

By January 26, 2011