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Logitech G105 tagged official MW3 keyboard

You can't get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 just yet, but you can get the official gaming keyboard featuring green LED backlighting.

By Oct. 19, 2011


Battlefield 3 vs. Modern Warfare 3

Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 go head-to-head in CNET's battle of the first-person military shooters. Which one is the better game?

By Nov. 11, 2011


Modern Warfare 3 ready to blow away game-sales record

Launching next week, the game should best its predecessor, Call of Duty: Black Ops, to take the crown of the bestselling game of all time, an analyst says.

By Nov. 4, 2011


Crave 65: Dogs unite (podcast)

Cell carrier liberation, slug robots, and man's best friend's worst enemy crawls its way out of a Japanese laboratory.

By Nov. 8, 2011


Is multiplayer a threat to the gaming industry?

Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter says multiplayer can reduce overall game revenue because players spend too much time with those titles.

By Jul. 11, 2012


Modern Warfare 3 limited edition Xbox 360 priced

A tie-in limited edition console costs almost £100 more than a normal Xbox, but it does look as battered as an artillerised tank.

By Sep. 5, 2011


Modern Warfare 3 DLC coming to Call of Duty Elite users

The game's developer says the downloadable content will arrive on January 24 on Xbox Live for players with paid subscriptions to Call of Duty Elite.

By Dec. 21, 2011


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 makes $1 billion--in 16 days

The mega hit reached the milestone a day faster than "Avatar" did.

By Dec. 12, 2011


Modern Warfare 3 breaks 5-day record with $775M

The new Call of Duty game easily beats the previous five-day record holder: last year's Call of Duty: Black Ops, which pulled in $650 million.

By Nov. 17, 2011


At $400 million, Modern Warfare 3 launch the biggest yet

Activision says the game generated more than $400 million and sold 6.5 million units in its first 24 hours on store shelves, easily beating its predecessors.

By Nov. 11, 2011