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How to mute Siri with the lock switch

A setting lets you receive Siri's answers without any voice feedback by flipping the lock switch.

By November 23, 2015


How to mute Instagram Direct conversation alerts

On Tuesday Instagram added new functionality to its hardly ever used messaging feature, which might cause your friends to go overboard.

By September 3, 2015


'Ghostbusters' star Leslie Jones exposes 'personal hell' inflicted by Twitter haters

The comedian calls on Twitter to offer its users greater protection against abuse. Says Jones: "Some of these people are crazy sick."

By July 19, 2016


21 shortcuts for Safari you need to know

Become a Safari Svengali by employing some of these keyboard shortcuts.

By July 12, 2016


6 location-specific IFTTT recipes you should be using

Turn off your lights, mute your phone and text your significant other -- all by just exiting or entering an area.

By June 24, 2016


How to throw a Dungeons & Dragons-theme bachelor party

Party like a paladin with archery, adventure and d20 dice aplenty at a party topped off with a chocolate dragon egg.

By July 12, 2016


21 Firefox shortcuts you need to know

Become a Firefox ninja by employing some of these keyboard shortcuts.

By July 8, 2016


Microsoft launches free Skype Meetings to tempt small businesses

The new software provides some business-friendly features but is limited when compared with the full Skype Business product.

By July 6, 2016


CraveCast: Creating whole new worlds on screen and in a Google Doc

Summer is coming, which means season finales and big blockbusters are too. The CraveCast crew discusses what they're looking forward to and how to crowdsource a science fiction novel.

By May 24, 2016


Apple says it will not shut down iTunes downloads. Plus, the iPhone 7 design and features are revealed (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 37)

Apple invests in a $1 billion Chinese car service, and the best iPhone might be coming in 2017.

By May 13, 2016