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Top 5 Mustangs of all time

CNET's Brian Cooley offers up his list of the top five Mustangs of all time, listed by magnitude of legacy.

By Dec. 9, 2013


Bring on the Mustangs (SEMA preview)

Ford's Mustang has always been near and dear to aftermarket customizers, so it's no surprise that Ford's booth at the 2010 SEMA Show will be chock full of them.

By Oct. 27, 2010


Custom Mustangs on Display at 2009 SEMA Show

It is what it says it is...four custom Mustang models being shown off at the recent SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas. What else do you need to know?

By Nov. 12, 2009


Ford offers glass roof Mustangs

Factory-installed panoramic glass roof options available for 2009 V-6 and GT Mustang models.

By Aug. 7, 2008


Ford gives away 1.5 million Mustangs (in a videogame)

Car manufacturers may be having a tough time moving vehicles off the showroom floor this year, but Ford is crushing it online. Granted, it's because they're giving away free vehicles to enhance characters in the Sims video game.

By Mar. 25, 2009


2015 Mustang joins Need for Speed Rivals as free download

You can't drive Ford's next Mustang until 2014, but you can at least take it for a spin in Need for Speed Rivals, starting today.

By Dec. 13, 2013


Ford showcases customizing in 2013 Mustang ad

A new 60-second spot featuring the 2013 Mustang 5.0, Boss 302, and the Cobra, debuted online Friday. All of the customizations shown in the ad will be available to consumers.

By Feb. 27, 2012


15 funky Fords and a Lincoln (SEMA preview)

Ford's bringing its own SHOs to SEMA 2010, along with a selection of custom Fiestas, Fusions, and Explorers. We've rounded up 15 of these funky Fords (and one Lincoln for good measure).

By Oct. 26, 2010


Video: Saleen Raptor S5S Concept

CNET Car Tech posts video on the Saleen Raptor S5S Concept from the 2008 New York auto show.

By Mar. 26, 2008


2015 Mustang declassified: How Ford's global focus gave the world a better pony car

The latest Mustang is the first that's been designed to appeal to a truly worldwide audience. This is the story of how Ford designers and engineers balanced international desires with American heritage.

By Dec. 4, 2013