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Mustang powered Radical RXC challenges you to tame it

The Radical RXC is one of the maddest cars you can still legally drive on public roads, but is it too much power to handle? XCAR takes it out on some soaking wet roads to find out.

By May 27, 2014


Ford builds Mustang 1,000 feet up on the Empire State Building

To celebrate the Mustang's 50th anniversary, Ford recreates a challenging publicity stunt from 1965 by building a Mustang on the Empire State Building's observation deck.

By April 16, 2014

Editors' Take

2015 Ford Mustang

For the 50th anniversary of the iconic Mustang, Ford isn't exactly reinventing the wheel, but the company's latest pony car looks to be the best yet.

December 4, 2013

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On the road: 2015 Mustang revealed

The 2015 Ford Mustang is a big departure from the outgoing generation, from a revamped design to an all-new engine. CNET's Brian Cooley meets up with Ford executives in Detroit and gets an inside look.

By February 3, 2014


CNET on Cars: Three things that make the 2015 Ford Mustang (CNET On Cars, Episode 34)

The three most important things about the new Mustang; red-light cameras today...and tomorrow. And Cooley's car tech wish list for 2014.

By January 31, 2014


Need for Speed Rivals gets free 2015 Ford Mustang update

Need for Speed Rivals has had a quick update to add the recently unveiled 2015 Ford Mustang as a playable car.

By December 15, 2013


2015 Mustang joins Need for Speed Rivals as free download

You can't drive Ford's next Mustang until 2014, but you can at least take it for a spin in Need for Speed Rivals, starting today.

By December 13, 2013


We take the 2015 Ford Mustang for a spin in Need for Speed Rivals

It'll be almost a year before the new Mustang hits dealers, but we were given an early opportunity to try it out. Digitally.

December 13, 2013


2015 Ford Mustang in Need for Speed Rivals

You can't drive Ford's next Mustang until 2014, but you can at least take it for a spin in Need for Speed Rivals starting today.

6 Images By December 13, 2013


Ford Mustang 2015 unveiled in New York

Ford's new Mustang is designed with a eye for the global market, but it looks well-suited to dominate here on home soil.

December 5, 2013