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Musicmatch Jukebox 10.0

This music jukebox/subscription service/store combination does it all, but its playlist-centric interface can cause confusion.

By July 27, 2004

3.5 stars Editors' rating July 27, 2004

Visit Download.com for a free download of this sofware.


CNET to the Rescue: Fixing Epsilon's boo-boo

Security reporter Elinor Mills joins us today to discuss the large data breach at marketing services company Epsilon, which most likely landed your e-mail address in a hacker's database.

By April 6, 2011


Opinion: Apple owes Microsoft $30bn

Yes, that's right. Apple owes Microsoft for its success -- big time. Join us as we run you through the argument

By November 27, 2009


The Real Deal 135: Retro software

Tom and Rafe take a trip down memory lane, describing older, defunct software they used to love... and hate.

By November 3, 2008


The real reason Dell might get back into MP3 players

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, PC maker Dell is considering making MP3 players again, along with its own software and music subscription service.

By July 30, 2008


Sanity prevails in MP3 patent case

Earlier this year, a jury ordered Microsoft to pay Alcatel-Lucent $1.52 billion in a patent dispute over MP3 technology. The verdict seemed ridiculous at the time, and has now been reversed.

By August 7, 2007


Slacker's new wavelength for satellite radio

Former MusicMatch and Rio execs try to make radio personal and portable with a start-up Web music service and device dubbed Slacker. Photos: Slacker's ambitious music project

By March 13, 2007


Tech meets art meets music at SXSW

The South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, brings together bands, bohemians, geeks and more.

By March 19, 2007


Aspire to be a Slacker

Slacker takes the pain out of new music discovery.

By March 13, 2007


Archos 204: 20GB of small metallic joy

The new Archos 204 is a small 20GB MP3 player that's exclusive to Europe -- it's a very small hard disk-based model that's sure to appeal to both teens and grown-ups

By March 8, 2007