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MusicMarker Now

The MusicMarker Now is a fine toy for identifying those well-known tunes that are just on the tip of your tongue, but if you're hoping to hunt down less-mainstream music, this won't do.

By July 2, 2007

3 stars Editors' rating July 2, 2007

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iPhone Nano? Nope, it's a Slickr

CNET Senior Editor Donald Bell shows a first glimpse at the Venzero Slickr MP3 player.

By August 1, 2007


Most un-Goth item in Hot Topic, coming soon

Goth-teen outlet Hot Topic soon to sell adorable MusicMarker song-identifying keychain fob.

By June 8, 2007


Venzero creates its own MP3 'Mini Me'

Player looks like a miniature iPhone

By May 7, 2007


Venzero announces MiniOne

Venzero announces MiniOne

By June 21, 2006