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Murdoch wanted to buy Time Warner for $80B

The 21st Century Fox bid for its rival goes nowhere as Time Warner indicates Fox could never muster an acceptable offer. Still, investors take a shine to Time Warner shares.

By July 16, 2014


Rupert Murdoch calls for Google to be 'exposed'

The News Corp. head tweets portentous suggestions about Google and Eric Schmidt. What secrets could he be referring to?

By October 14, 2013


Google calls Murdoch's piracy allegations 'nonsense'

A day after News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch calls Google a 'piracy leader' Google reminds media tycoon the search company fights piracy every day.

By January 15, 2012


Who is winning SOPA? Read Rupe Murdoch's Twitter feed

Rupert Murdoch takes to Twitter to express frustration over setbacks to antipiracy legislation being debated in Congress. He says Obama takes marching orders from "Silicon Valley paymasters."

By January 15, 2012


@Wendi_Deng: I'm not really Murdoch's wife

It seemed, for one moment, that Rupert Murdoch's entry onto Twitter was garlanded with honesty. However, it turns out that his wife's verified tweeting is performed by a verified impostor. Is the Murdoch account also fake?

By January 3, 2012


With $950M Move buy, News Corp. eyes Zillow's turf

Since spinning off from 21st Century Fox last year, News Corp. has been on an acquisition spree, snapping up a romance-novel publisher, two online business and now a real-estate listing website.

By September 30, 2014


Google strikes back at News Corp.'s antitrust complaint to EU

Amid a tangle with EU regulators over how it displays search results, Google gets into a war of words with Rupert Murdoch's media giant.

By September 25, 2014


News Corp. lashes out at Google in EU antitrust case

In sharply written letter opposing settlement offer in EU case against Google, News Corp. exec says Google is stifling competition and exploiting its dominant market position.

By September 18, 2014


Fox drops bid to buy Time Warner

CEO Rupert Murdoch says Time Warner has "refused to engage" in a "highly compelling" offer.

By August 5, 2014


What next for WikiLeaks' Julian Assange?

The WikiLeaks founder has vowed to exit "soon" from a small pocket of Ecuador in Britain's capital, but little has changed diplomatically and legally that would spur his eventual release.

By August 19, 2014