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X-rays reveal the intricate layers of Egyptian mummies

Mummies on display at the British Museum have been painstakingly X-rayed in high definition to reveal the layers beneath the sarcophagus.

By May 27, 2014


Universal Monsters returning from beyond the grave

Universal Studios is gearing up to relaunch its beloved classic monsters, including Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, and the mummy in an interconnected universe.

By July 16, 2014


Buzz Out Loud 907: Sealed mummies (eat as is)

Once again we find something that Natali can't cook: mummies. But she does suggest they be used as jerky. Don't worry, we also have lots of thoughts about the Kindle 2, Psystar's suit against Apple, and somebody owns the name Netbook. Is that allowed?

By February 9, 2009


Interview with Hollywood photographer Jasin Boland

Hollywood stills photographer Jasin Boland has taken some of the most famous images you've seen on screen, from The Mummy to Mission: Impossible. He talks to CNET Australia about his work.

By November 9, 2009


Quote of the day: Mummy's parents 'would be thrilled'

Curator said resurrection of mummy would make the 2,000-year-old girl's parents proud.

By August 4, 2005


High-tech gear reveals mummy's secrets

Researchers at Stanford, SGI and a San Jose museum reveal the innards of an Egyptian mummy, without unwrapping it. Photos: Mummy's secrets revealed

By August 3, 2005


Week in pictures: Shuttle repair, mousy flair

roundup Dangling astronaut repairs Space Shuttle Discovery. Also: Apple's Mighty Mouse, Zen Vision vs. iPod, an ancient mummy and a sketchy tablet PC.

By August 5, 2005