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Open-source history: See Multics source code

The inner workings of a seminal operating system now are on display. Anyone have an emulator handy?

By November 14, 2007


Is Microsoft's 'Singularity' the OS of the future?

No, it isn't the next version of Windows. Redmond's "concept" operating system is designed for computer science research.

By March 5, 2008


IBM hires Boies' ex-firm in SCO lawsuit

Big Blue begins its legal response to the billion-dollar suit, seeking to move it to a federal court and hiring the law firm that formerly employed SCO's high-powered attorney.

By March 27, 2003


Perspective: My PC wish list for 2003

When it comes to it, CNET News.com's Charles Cooper wants the Big Tech Enchilada. Does he have a snowball's chance of realizing that dream?

By December 25, 2002


Old code in Windows is security threat

Microsoft is speeding up efforts to weed out moldy code in Windows and other software after last week's revelation of a security hole involving an all-but-obsolete Internet protocol.

By June 10, 2002