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Apple TV update hints at iOS multi-user accounts

With iOS 6 out the door, Apple gives its set-top box a minor software update that adds new features, including one aimed at multi-user households.

By September 24, 2012


Apple e-mail hints at multi-user account feature for iPad

Apple's iPad has always been a one-user device, but that might not last forever. A reply to an Apple developer hints that the company's cooking up a solution for multiple users using the same tablet.

By May 8, 2012


Google Chrome said to unveil 'Supervised User' controls

Word has it that the Web giant is extending its multi-user accounts with a "Supervised User" feature that could help parents control what their children see on the Internet.

By August 19, 2013


Securing files in single-account environments

In a multi-user environment, users' files are separated to provide a level of privacy and security, and while arguably the best way to run the computer is to conform to the standard of keeping each user account separate, many choose not to do this for a v

By September 2, 2008