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Lenovo's 27-inch multi-user PC

CNET Senior Editor Rich Brown takes a look at Lenovo's new coffee table PC, the Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon 27.

By January 6, 2013


Viewdle could lead to multi-user profiles for Android tablets

The facial and gesture recognition technology is perfectly suited for shared Android devices. Ice Cream Sandwich was a good start, but now we need more.

By October 4, 2012


Apple TV update hints at iOS multi-user accounts

With iOS 6 out the door, Apple gives its set-top box a minor software update that adds new features, including one aimed at multi-user households.

By September 24, 2012


Rejoice! Kindle FreeTime brings multi-user support to tablets

Want your kids or other people to use your tablet without full access, in the same way you can restrict them on a Mac or PC? Amazon beats other tablets by being the first to offer this in the new Kindle Fires.

By September 7, 2012


Apple e-mail hints at multi-user account feature for iPad

Apple's iPad has always been a one-user device, but that might not last forever. A reply to an Apple developer hints that the company's cooking up a solution for multiple users using the same tablet.

By May 8, 2012


Google Chrome said to unveil 'Supervised User' controls

Word has it that the Web giant is extending its multi-user accounts with a "Supervised User" feature that could help parents control what their children see on the Internet.

By August 19, 2013


Firefly mobile game to light up iOS, Android in 2014

Based on the cult TV series, the new game will feature role-playing action in a multi-user online environment.

By July 18, 2013


URI Security Exploit: Multi-user issues

URI Security Exploit: Multi-user issues

By May 26, 2004


Info: Process organization in OS X

OS X is built as a multitasking, multi-user environment in which resources are "shared" between various processes and tasks, which enables simultaneous processing of tasks. Essentially, the whole system is a bunch of independent processes, and while so

By July 20, 2009


Evernote gets a whiff of wikis

Popular note-taking app gets slightly-expanded multi-user functions.

By June 29, 2009