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​FTC: Amazon cost parents millions in unauthorized app buys

The agency is asking the court to force Amazon to refund parents for virtual goods their kids bought before passwords were required.

By July 10, 2014


Bitcoin security platform BitGo raises $12M in funding

Silicon Valley investors back the security startup, which aims to safeguard user accounts with a multi-signature wallet.

By June 16, 2014


BitInstant CEO arrested for alleged money laundering

Charlie Shrem allegedly worked with Robert Faiella, known as BTCKing in the Bitcoin community, to exchange more than $1 million in bitcoins for users to make illegal purchases on Silk Road.

By January 27, 2014


How an odd dancing movie became a phenomenon

45 Minutes on IM Jacob Krupnick's film "Girl Walk // All Day" was made in the middle of, and with the help of, a community. And it'll leave you smiling for hours.

By March 29, 2012


Tech takes a holiday

Whether you're headed to Bali or Belgium, a good holiday can become a great one with the addition of a few tech items to your suitcase. Here's how to tech yourself to paradise in a few easy steps.

By December 12, 2011


Dodge Dart II: The Italian job

Dodge announced a new Dart model, based on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta platform, to be unveiled at the 2012 Detroit auto show.

By December 6, 2011


Gore tweaks climate call with '24 Hours of Reality'

Live, 24-hour Webcast that begins September 14 heralds new focus for Gore's nonprofit Alliance for Climate Protection, which is changing name to The Climate Reality Project.

By September 12, 2011


Buzz Out Loud 1469: PlayStation Network: safe enough for America! (Podcast)

Sony is firing up the PlayStation Network again and most of America should have access by now. But the Japanese government says it won't allow PSN back on in its country until Sony can ensure that it's triple-dog-super-secure. Which, uh ... I kind of want it to be that secure here, too, don't you? Plus, artists gets screwed by pirates AND the RIAA, the fascinating and potentially globally destabilizing bitcoin project, and the power of Prey gets back a man's laptop from hundreds of miles away. --Molly

By May 16, 2011


Digital distribution in games: a code of conduct for publishers

Downloadable games are the future, with convenience being the key. However, some publishers are getting in the way of this, either through byzantine requirements or missing sales opportunities. We look at the top 10 ways publishers can keep users happy.

By June 30, 2010


Free iPhone apps for the Easter Holidays

Are you going away for the Easter break? Here's a quick round-up of iPhone apps that might help.

By March 29, 2010