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2012 Bentley Mulsanne

CNET takes on the onerous job of driving and riding in the 2012 Bentley Mulsanne, a flagship sedan with iPads for the rear-seat passengers.

By November 2, 2012

MSRP: $285,000.00


Bentley Mulsanne Speed: Luxury just got faster

The Mulsanne may represent Bentley's past, but the Speed tries to combine the best of what the marque has to offer in the 21st century with the legacy it has built up over the last 70 years.

By May 28, 2015


Bentley's 530-horsepower titanic convertible

Bentley showed off its Grand Convertible concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show, a massive open-top take on its Mulsanne model.

By November 19, 2014


Ride with style in the Bentley Mulsanne

This episode of CNET On Cars features the Bentley Mulsanne and all its iPads, plus five cars that will divorce you from gas pumps and Bluetooth streaming made simple.

By November 27, 2012


On the road: 2012 Bentley Mulsanne

Bentley's top of the line is the coolest tech den on wheels. Take a ride in the Bentley Mulsanne, the most expensive car we have ever reviewed.

By November 27, 2012


Bentley Mulsanne: Old-world coachwork meets modern tech (pictures)

The Bentley Mulsanne takes advantage of fine English coachwork and German electronics to offer owners a sumptuous driving experience with excellent cabin tech.

19 Images By November 2, 2012


Bentley going green with Hybrid Concept in Beijing

Luxury automaker Bentley will debut a plug-in hybrid concept based on its Mulsanne model at the Beijing auto show later this month.

By April 9, 2014


Bentley taps Apple for connected Mulsanne concept

At the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show, Bentley showed off its connected car concept, a Mulsanne sedan with an Apple-based network for the rear-seat passengers.

By November 17, 2011


Bentley Mulsanne connected concept (photos)

Bentley integrated iPads, a Mac Mini, and a Wi-Fi 4G-connected router into its Mulsanne sedan, providing chauffeur-driven owners with modern entertainment and office features.

8 Images By November 17, 2011


What Makes A Bentley So Special? We found out in a Continental GTC V8

Months of work goes into a single Bentley, no matter whether it's a Continental or a Mulsanne. We went to the factory to find out how much.

August 19, 2013