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News Flash: There's music on MTV!

MTV, a.k.a. Music Television found a home for a gazillion music videos, they're now on mtvmusic.com

By October 30, 2008


New video ad deal for MySpace, MTV Networks

Auditude, a video ad technology company, will be bringing its targeting technology to News Corp.'s MySpace portal for Viacom's MTV Networks content. Talk about a lot of big-media dealmaking.

By November 2, 2008


MTV Music is, like, the raddest thing ever

It's "better late than never" for Viacom's new music video hub. The real question: whether people will go here instead of Google's YouTube to watch them.

By October 28, 2008


YouTube unplugs music videos in U.K.

In an unexpected move, "premium" music videos on the Google-owned video-sharing site will no longer be accessible in this major market.

By March 9, 2009


Joost: The sequel

After blockbuster hype, the online video start-up debuted to some rough reviews. Now, with an iPhone app and a slew of new deals, it's back in the spotlight.

By December 16, 2008