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What is the difference between MTP, UMS and MSC MP3 players?

What is the difference between MTP, UMS and MSC MP3 players?

By April 20, 2007


2014 Pioneer car audio line supports Android over USB

In a world where everything 'Works with iPhone,' it's refreshing to see someone supporting the Android media playback standards.

By August 23, 2013


Pioneer NEX receivers will make any car iOS CarPlay-compatible

A firmware update for Pioneer's NEX series car stereos will add Apple CarPlay compatibility to their already impressive feature set.

By May 19, 2014


Samsung Galaxy Nexus won't play in-car USB audio

The poor Samsung Galaxy Nexus can't catch a break -- we've just discovered it doesn't let you play USB audio over your car speakers. WTH?

By November 25, 2011


Car Tech's guide to using your Android phone in the car

Looking for tips on safely using your Android phone with your car's stereo? CNET has you covered.

By December 13, 2012


Nikon releases firmware tweaks for D80

It should behave better when directly connected to your system.

By January 27, 2008


Android 4.0 supports mass storage, Galaxy Nexus does not

Although Android 4.0 allows for USB mass storage at a platform level, the new Samsung handset does not.

By November 21, 2011


VLC media player finally reaches 1.0

For over eight years, the VideoLAN Client project has been releasing, testing, and releasing sub-1.0 versions of their popular "Jack-of-all-media" VLC Player software.

By July 7, 2009


Canon Rebel XTi firmware upgrade available

Canon has released a firmware update for its EOS Digital Rebel XTi DSLR.

By July 12, 2007


25 Google Nexus 7 tips

The excellent and cheap-as-chips Google Nexus 7 is a powerful little Android tablet. Get the best out of it with these top tips.

By August 20, 2012