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MTI Micro's portable fuel cell charger (photos)

MTI Micro is currently field testing a portable charger, called the Mobion Fuel Cell Generator, for cell phones and electronic devices. It uses methanol fuel cell as power source. We had some hands-on time with the device and are impressed by its potential.

10 Images By December 13, 2010


The 404 227: Where we're constantly waiting for MTI

Mark the Intern joins us for a hilarious show; this time around, we tackle stories breaking in mainstream media including the Mad TV cancellation, Journey greatest song of all time, and the Arrested Development movie.

By November 13, 2008


The 404 201: Where MTI is the new Wilson

To continue a week of absences, Wilson is on leave today, so MTI once again picks up the mantle and joins us.

By October 8, 2008


The 404 177: Where MTI is in the bathroom with a camera

Our resident peeping Tom (don't ask, you don't want to know) joins us for today's videogame heavy show. Surprisingly, I actually participate a fair amount! I think it has something to do with the Playstation Yu Foundation...Jeff flaunts a very positive re

By September 4, 2008


The 404 168: Where we've got 2 generations of MTI in the studio

On today's show, we trade in one Wilson for two MTIs- sounds like a deal! Mark's pop sits in on this episode where we officially begin the JYu PS2 project, give an update Justin's floating apartment, provide video game console updates, and reminisce about

By August 21, 2008


The 404 148: Where MTI is livid and covered in toilet paper

Mark is finally back from his 10 year sabbatical, so we have him on as a guest on today's show to talk about the much deserved practical joke we pulled on him (see post below).

By July 24, 2008


MTI Micro partners for fuel cell ultra-mobile PC

Rather than look for an electrical outlet in the airport, you can pull out a liquid methanol cartridge to charge your ultra-mobile PC, if this partnership pans out.

By July 10, 2008


MTI Micro plans fuel cells for digicams

Company says it's working to adapt its integrated methanol fuel cell technology for digital cameras.

By May 7, 2008


MTI Micro debuts fuel cell for GPS devices

As CNET News.com reported earlier, fuel cell manufacturer has an embedded methanol fuel cell designed for the navigation gadgets. No word when it will hit the market, though.

By May 2, 2008


Portable fuel cell generator: Green and powerful

CNET's Dong Ngo's take on MTI Micro's Mobion charger, the first portable fuel cell power generator for handheld devices.

By December 13, 2010