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Checking e-mail at 17,000 feet on Mt. Everest

China Mobile has opened a wireless service center and Internet cafe at an altitude of 17,000 feet at Everest, making this the highest such site in the world.

By May 6, 2008


50 million set-tops = 400 Mt. Everests

This week, the company will ship its 50 millionth set-top box.

By October 20, 2006


Why hack a calculator? Why climb Mount Everest?

There's more to programming than aspiring to be the next iPhone app rock star. Texas Instruments' unhelpfulness toward calculator hackers can even be an incentive.

By October 15, 2009


Panasonic Toughbook gets going

Panasonic unveiled their latest range of 3G-enabled Toughbooks today with the help of the youngest Australian to ever climb Mount Everest.

By February 7, 2007


Spot expands lineup with satellite-powered Global Phone

The Spot Global Phone delivers voice and basic data to remote locations for $499.

By May 20, 2013


Mini Museum puts skulls, gold, London Bridge in your pocket

Indiana Jones would approve of the Mini Museum. Fragments of dinosaur bones, meteorites, famous landmarks, and other fascinating things are displayed in resin, and could be yours via Kickstarter.

By March 5, 2014


Prime was prime, as Amazon reports another record holiday

Although UPS delays left some Amazon customers empty-handed, the company boasts a merry Christmas, both for sales and services like its Amazon Prime.

By December 26, 2013


Cortana vs. Siri vs. Google Now: An early look at how Cortana stacks up (hands-on)

Can Windows Phone’s new voice-activated assistant stand up to Siri and Google Now? We put an early version to the test.

By April 14, 2014


Coming soon: A holodeck in your home

The Fitness@home virtual training system is a first step toward a simulated reality facility.

By April 18, 2008


Pantech Element (AT&T)

The Pantech Element is a fun, midsize tablet geared more toward the accident-prone than the outdoor adventurer.

February 2, 2012

3 stars Editors' rating February 2, 2012

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