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How to watch tonight's Hillary Clinton-Bernie Sanders NBC Democratic debate online

MSNBC is hosting the next Democratic debate tonight. Here's how you can tune in.

By February 4, 2016


Microsoft put to the test in Iowa caucuses

Both Democrats and Republicans will report their vote counts tonight using Microsoft apps.

By February 1, 2016


Clockmaker Ahmed: I won't meet police chief without my lawyer

Technically Incorrect: After being arrested for making his own digital clock, the newest science celebrity shows humor during a press conference and an appearance on MSNBC. He says he's transferring schools.

By September 17, 2015


Knee Defender inventor: It protects computers and babies

In justifying his device's existence, Ira Goldman tells MSNBC that the device is not being used to "hog space."

By August 28, 2014


'Cosmos' presenter: I worry aliens have already decided we're stupid

Neil DeGrasse Tyson tells MSNBC that it's possible aliens have visited and already concluded that there is no intelligent life on Earth.

By June 1, 2014


Microsoft and NBC to part ways; MSNBC to lose the 'MS'

MSNBC.com will be no more after NBC buys back Microsoft's shares and rebrands the site to NBCNews.com, the Daily Beast reports.

By July 11, 2012


Fox anchor calls Maddow 'man' on Facebook, suspended

An anchor at Fox 19 in Cincinnati is suspended after taking to Facebook to call Rachel Maddow, the MSNBC personality, "an angry young man." Maddow is gay.

By November 15, 2012


Reporters' Roundtable: Can an employer ask for your Facebook password?

What do you do if an employer asks to see your personal social network? We discuss with Bob Sullivan, author of the Red Tape Chronicles on MSNBC.

By March 30, 2012


Reporters' Roundtable Ep. 117: Can you be forced to give up your Facebook password?

Is the private side of your social network really private? What do you do if an employer asks to see into your personal world? We discuss with Bob Sullivan, author of the "Red Tape Chronicles" for MSNBC.

By March 30, 2012


Time Warner Cable to test cheaper TV package

Cable operator is offering price-sensitive consumers a lower-cost option with new "TV Essentials" package, which excludes live sports and other cable programming like Fox News and MSNBC.

By November 18, 2010