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Spectacular headphones from a company called MrSpeakers

MrSpeakers' new Alpha Prime boasts 3D-printed earcups, radical driver technology and gorgeous sound quality.

By November 29, 2014

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Best headphones of 2016

Whether you're out listening to your MP3 player or out at home with your high-end stereo, your headphone choice is critical. Here we've picked our five favorites across every style and category, but if you already know which type of headphones you want, use the links at the left to get more options.


The 404 449: Where we're not gonna sweat it

Back in April of 2008 BJ (before Justin), motivational speaker James Arthur Ray guest-hosted The 404 Podcast and Jeff, Wilson, and Randall spoke to him about how to grow your own meat--no lie. Anyway, the show left a sour taste in The 404's collective mouth, and more than a year later it turns out that Mr. Ray is a big phony, not unlike Balloon Boy Sr.

By October 20, 2009