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Mpact destined for DVD

Chromatic Research's media system will be included in DVD add-in cards.

May 23, 1997


Chromatic gang ships Mpact

Chromatic announces that its production partners Toshiba and LG Semicon of South Korea are now shipping the Mpact processor, a chip that forms the core of a versatile and powerful PC multimedia subsystem.

September 23, 1996


Chromatic to lay off 50%

Chromatic Research is laying off approximately 50 percent of its workforce and will discontinue its Mpact media processor line.

By July 9, 1998


Chromatic eludes Intel's grip

The multimedia chipmaker heaves a sigh of relief after signing up Gateway for its Mpact chip, but Intel is not far behind.

By June 19, 1997


Short Take: STB card available

STB Systems will offer a DVD add-in card to its OEM customers. The card will feature Chromatic Research Mpact media processor technology that enables DVD playback at 30 frames-per-second. Sample quantities of the card are available now; larger quantities will be available in May.

By April 11, 1997


Short: Chromatic, Asymetrix develop editing solution

Chromatic Research and Asymetrix announced their intent to develop a complete MPEG-based video editing solution designed to work with the Mpact media processor. Chromatic's MPEG video encoding and Asymetrix's digital video editing software will deliver an easy-to-use, low-cost MPEG-1 video editing package for the PC that works directly with ordinary VCRs and camcorders, according to the companies. They plan to deliver the package in the first half of 1997.

By October 14, 1996


Multimedia chip ready

Chromatic prepares a multimedia processor called Mpact that will handle graphics, sound, and video, similar to what Microsoft is working on with Talisman.

By August 21, 1996