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Mint app brings its money moxie to Windows Phone

And now, too, there's also a Windows 8 version of Mint, the financial-planning and transaction-tracking service.

By December 4, 2013


TiVo, Roku, and Sling: Catching up with modern-day TV pioneers

The three services broke ground and helped changed the way we watch TV. At CES 2014, they showed that they're still going strong.

By January 18, 2014


How to hack a Harmony remote to control more devices

Harmony's awesome remote controls come with one big limitation: how many devices they can command. That limit is arbitrary. Here's how to circumvent it.

By February 6, 2013


Moxi Mate

For those wanting to get more from a single cable TV connection, the Moxi Mate is worth considering as an add-on to a Moxi DVR, but you'll need a fat wallet and more than a little patience.

August 30, 2010

3 stars Editors' rating August 30, 2010

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My DIY Cable Card install was simple--how was yours? (poll)

Cable Card has a reputation for being finicky and difficult to install, but my recent experiment with a third party DVR on Verizon Fios was pure cake.

By March 1, 2012


Moxi Mate: Interface and media features (photos)

The Moxi Mate is a media extender for use with Moxi HD DVRs, allowing you to view live and recorded TV without the need for additional cable boxes or service. Check out these photos to learn more about the device and its features.

15 Images By July 30, 2010


Moxi HD DVR (three-tuner)

If you can get past the high price of entry, the Moxi HD DVR's bevy of network and Internet-enhanced features--and its capability of recording three programs at once--make it a potentially worthwhile TiVo competitor.

October 26, 2010

3.5 stars Editors' rating October 26, 2010

MSRP: $599.00



If you can get past the high price of entry, the Moxi HD DVR's bevy of network and Internet-enhanced features makes it a potentially worthwhile TiVo competitor.

March 24, 2010


Quick Take: Moxi Mate

The Moxi Mate is an accessory for the Moxi DVR that allows users to stream live and recorded TV programming and other digital media into multiple rooms of the household.

By March 18, 2010


Moxi HD DVR: Interface and media features (photos)

With support for Internet media, digital streaming, and multiroom viewing, the Moxi DVR offers an alternative to TiVo.

11 Images By February 25, 2010