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Now TV box in shops now for cheap Sky Sports and Movies

Now hear this: the Sky Now TV Box is in shops now, bringing with it Sky Sports and Sky Movies at a knock-down price.

By October 16, 2013


Now TV wows with 6 months Sky Movies for the price of one

To celebrate the launch of the Now TV Box, Sky is giving away six months of movies for the price of one.

By July 30, 2013


Sky Movies on YouView as Now TV arrives with 30 days free

Sky's Now TV is now on your YouView set-top box, bringing Sky Movies to your telly without coughing up for a Sky subscription.

By August 10, 2012


Now TV streams Sky Movies online from tomorrow

From tomorrow you can watch Sky Movies without a dish or Sky contract, as Now TV begins streaming movies and TV.

By July 16, 2012


Quickflix movie streaming available now on Sony TVs

Sony has just switched on Quickflix's movie-streaming service for the company's internet-enabled TVs, Blu-ray players and home theatre systems.

By November 3, 2011


Feds seize cash, Web sites of alleged film pirates

U.S. seizes assets and Web sites belonging to those accused of illegally distributing movies over the Internet.

By June 30, 2010


Federal rules on campus file sharing kick in today

Inside a sweeping education statute are requirements for universities to police their networks and educate students on copyright law.

By July 1, 2010


Vudu's 1,100-plus HD movie library bests Apple TV, Netflix, and Xbox Live--for now

The set-top box offers more HD movies than the competition--including Apple TV and Netflix.

By November 9, 2008