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Fight or flight: Amazon gets tough with the FAA

Amazon says if the US agency won't play, its drone operations will end up overseas. We'll see whether that threat gets off the ground.

By December 10, 2014


How to make HD movies on your Samsung Galaxy S3

You've got a pocketful of megapixels and a phone with a punchy processor, now put your Android to use making a movie with these top tips.

By August 1, 2012


U2 3D: What 3D ought to be

'U2 3D' betters 'Beowulf' when it comes to three-dimensional movies, showing what the new medium can offer.

By January 25, 2008


Who shows the best view of 3D 'Beowulf'?

The movie can be seen with three 3D projection technologies: Imax, Real D, and Dolby 3D. Herewith, I declare a winner in technical quality.

By November 21, 2007


Dolby stakes its claim in 3D movie tech

Real D has pioneered 3D movie projection technology, but Dolby Laboratories will mount a major challenge beginning in November. How soon before all movies are 3D? Photos: The tech behind 3D movies

By October 8, 2007


Web tool splices filmmakers' global divide

Software in the works for use over a high-speed fiber network would make it easier to collaborate from two different cities.

By November 3, 2006


Music industry: 'We'll make you pay for downloads'

Record labels are at last ready to consider using the Net to deliver content. The question is--how to make money off it?

December 10, 2004


Microsoft, again: Apple's old nemesis

While the Mac maker commands today's headlines, it faces a series of obstacles from the Windows empire ranging from software licenses to influence in media industries.

May 28, 2003


New & Noteworthy: Apple woos Windows; MacHack dates; LA Final Cut Pro group hosts FCP team; more

New & Noteworthy: Apple woos Windows; MacHack dates; LA Final Cut Pro group hosts FCP team; more

By November 20, 2001


Apple tries to woo Windows defectors

Apple Computer has a message for Windows consumers considering an upgrade to XP: Come back to the Mac.

November 19, 2001