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Smarter Driver: ABS on motorcycles

You may not even know they exist but ABS on motorcycles are becoming a controversial and mandatory part of riding.

By Aug. 14, 2013


Brammo raises $28M for electric motorcycles

Electric motorcycle maker Brammo raises $28 million to develop its powertrain tech. Leading the charge: powersports giant Polaris.

By Oct. 26, 2011


Orphiro: The Tesla Roadster of electric motorcycles

Due out this fall, the Orphiro does for electric motorcycles what the Tesla Roadster did for electric cars. Gorgeous styling and spoke wheels meld seamlessly with a bunch of batteries.

By Jul. 20, 2011


Brammo revs up with six-speed EV motorcycles

Six-speed transmission offered on motorcycle EVs in partnership with Italian engineering company SMRE could be game-changing.

By May. 4, 2011


Zero Motorcycles wins $17 million in financing

Electric motorcycle maker to expand U.S. production and international sales. It also has the potential to get $9 million more in coming months from lead investor.

By Mar. 17, 2011


Zero Motorcycles offers public charging option

Quick-charge and plug-in accessory upgrades allow all-electric motorcycles to be recharged from public stations.

By Feb. 9, 2011


Zero Motorcycles expands into Asian market

Announcement of Zero Motorcycles plans to expand into the Asian market.

By Oct. 23, 2009


Electric motorcycles all the buzz at eGrandPrix (photos)

Gentlemen, charge your batteries. The TTXGP zero-carbon electric motorcycle racing circuit is wired for speed at the Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, Calif.

17 Images By May. 15, 2010


The RoboCop of motorcycles

It's a concept, yes, but what a concept it is

By Nov. 1, 2006


Best Buy potentially selling electric motorcycles

Is Best Buy getting into the motorcycle business?

By Mar. 2, 2009