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When a flying motorbike hits you in the face, film it for YouTube

Over Memorial Day weekend, a Pennsylvania race track sees an astonishing collision. Thankfully, the victim is wearing a camera.

By May 29, 2014


British inventor builds 25-seater motorbike

Serial nutter Colin Furze has built the longest bike in the world -- a 23-metre-long monstrosity capable of seating 25 passengers.

By August 9, 2011


Real-life Tron light cycles on iPhone, minus the motorbikes

Are you a fully-fledged Tron geek and fancy playing a real-world game of light cycles? Grab your iPhone and get ready, because now you can.

By November 24, 2010


A USB motorbike engine for the desktop

It even vibrates with sound effects.

By June 27, 2007


This motorbike is green if not mean

It's not a Harley, but this electric motorcycle looks pretty good

By May 19, 2007


Motorbike gets monster truck engine

Why? Because it's there

By January 27, 2007


Cardo updates Bluetooth motorbike headset with FM radio

Cardo updates Bluetooth motorbike headset with FM radio

By September 8, 2006


One-wheeled motorcycle of the future

The "Embrio Advanced Concept" is kind of like the Segway of motorbikes.

By March 3, 2008


Intel inside: The motorcycle

Custom motorbikes made to mark 30th anniversary

By April 5, 2007


Brain surgeon: There's no point wearing bicycle helmets

A British brain surgeon says cycle helmets are too flimsy and can actually create more danger by creating the illusion of greater safety.

By June 1, 2014