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Engineering Explained gives a crash course on motor oil

What do the ratings mean? And why is synthetic oil better than conventional?

By July 11, 2016

Trade show

Paris Motor Show 2014

See the new models and concept cars shown off at the 2014 Paris Motor Show.


Tour de France will use high-tech scanning system to find hidden motors

The bike race's governing body says it will use a tablet, case, adapter and custom software to test the frame, wheels and components in under a minute.

By June 27, 2016


This four-motor EV is not your average Acura NSX

Running up Pikes Peak in the Electric Modified class, this is the extreme end of Honda's electrified all-wheel-drive system.

By June 20, 2016


Nikola Motor Company picks up 7,000 reservations for turbine-equipped electric semi truck cab

Maybe some of that money should go toward picking a more original company name.

By June 14, 2016


General Motors' Maven is all about car sharing, not ride sharing

At its simplest, consider it GM's equivalent of Zipcar.

By January 20, 2016


It's on like Donkey Kong: Nissan buys up controlling stake in Mitsubishi Motors

But don't think that Nissan is going to be forced to fix Mitsubishi's fuel-economy problems.

By May 12, 2016


Nikola Motor Company: The EV startup with the worst, most obvious name ever

There are other scientists out there, people. Try Wikipedia.

By May 10, 2016


Nikola Motor Company's cars are pretty neat for vaporware (pictures)

Zero points for company-name originality, Nikola. Zero.

11 Images By May 10, 2016


Mechanical doping: Cyclist gets 6-year ban for using bike with hidden motor

Noted Belgian cyclo-cross star Femke Van den Driessche is the first cyclist to be charged with mechanical doping.

By April 26, 2016


Lian Li's motorized standing desk doubles as a beefy gaming PC

Noted computer case manufacturer Lian-Li introduces a $1,500 motorized standing desk that doubles as a computer chassis.

By April 22, 2016