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The Babadook: flipping horror to explore taboo

Australian horror film "The Babadook" throws horror conventions out the window -- and scoops up the accolades as it goes.

By May 25, 2014


Randi Zuckerberg on what it means to be 'Dot Complicated' (Q&A)

The famous sister of Mark Zuckerberg tells CNET about growing up on social media and explains why she feels compelled to help adults and children unravel their "wired lives."

By February 23, 2013


Yahoo Chief Marissa Mayer gives birth to baby boy

The new CEO of Yahoo has taken on another major challenge -- motherhood. The birth was tweeted by Mayer's husband, who said they're "doing great."

By October 1, 2012


Thank you, Marissa Mayer. Now don't mess this up

Yahoo's new CEO choice signals a sea change in the way women in Silicon Valley and the business world present themselves. But the stakes are high.

By July 17, 2012


Facebook's most-shared articles of 2011 shows babies, banks, and brats

Facebook reveals the news articles that grabbed the most attention on the social network in 2011. Unsurprisingly, the wrap-up spans a range of subjects from celebrity deaths (Ryan Dunn, Steve Jobs) to weather disasters, and even a few viral videos.

By November 29, 2011


Atlas of Birth: Mapping maternal health online

Social scientists at the University of Southampton uncover telling trends in maternal health--during pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond--with online maps using UN and WHO figures.

By November 19, 2010


White House Web site makes open-source move

The open-source Drupal package now is used to power WhiteHouse.gov. But please don't conflate open source and open governance.

By October 26, 2009


Mother's Day shirt for the geeky mom-to-be

Cotton T-shirt has a print that looks like a computer's progress meter and says "Loading... please wait."

By May 6, 2009


Open Cloud Manifesto's anti-Microsoft bias

IBM releases the Open Cloud Manifesto in a less-than-open way, leading to some of the biggest cloud vendors holding out. Is the manifesto thus doomed from the start?

By March 30, 2009


Do baby gadgets increase new moms' burnout?

Babies don't come with remote controls or even an "off" switch. Do the promises made by high-tech baby gadgets set up new parents for increased burnout and disappointment?

By December 15, 2007