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From old motherboards to gorgeous stained glass

Dan, an Australian stonemason, turned a bunch of used colored motherboards into a stained-glass effect in a sandstone tracery window.

By Jun. 1, 2010


Everything you ever wanted to know about motherboards

Techradar posts a basic history of PC motherboards

By Sep. 15, 2008


Asus making more motherboards with embedded Linux

P5Q line, of which Asus expects to ship more than a million in the first month of production, might actually be affordable than its $350 predecessor.

By May. 14, 2008


New Xbox 360 motherboards could mean fewer crashes

A report surfaces that consoles with a new, more efficient chipset that could mean fewer "red ring of death" problems may be hitting the marketplace.

By Sep. 30, 2008


Does it still make sense to build your own computer?

In the old days, there was often an economic advantage. Today it's the dominion of a few passionate hobbyists. Has the DIY PC era come to an end?

By May. 15, 2013


Dell workstations could embrace Thunderbolt later this year

Intel's high-speed port has been costly and immature, Dell argues, but that's changing. Expect Thunderbolt to arrive as Dell angles for growth in a market that's evaded PC sales declines.

By Feb. 12, 2014


Facebook contributes 'Group Hug' motherboard spec to Open Compute Project

Hug it out! A new motherboard specification designed by Facebook brings chipmakers together.

By Jan. 16, 2013


Intel's tiny desktop PC for DIYers coming this month

Later this month, online retailers will begin selling a pint-size Ivy Bridge tech-based Intel desktop PC.

By Nov. 9, 2012


See the light through Iron Man, Mario stained glass

Tony Stark himself may be the target buyer for a wonderfully elaborate Iron Man stained glass window, and it will only set him back $4,500.

By Oct. 26, 2012


Intel to wind down desktop circuit board business

The chipmaker says it will leave the traditional desktop PC circuit board business. As a result, the venerable tower PC will likely begin to fade.

By Jan. 22, 2013