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CNET editors round up the hottest gadgets for Mom this year.

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Impossible-to-kill plant and other Mother's Day gifts

Mother's Day is nearing, but instead of scrambling for one of the typical, rehashed gifts, why not go high-tech? CNET's Sumi Das shares a roundup of clever ideas for mom.

By May. 6, 2013


Twitter: Don't you dare tweet your mom for Mother's Day

A PSA from Twitter tells kids in no uncertain terms that Mom is worth more than a tweet. Yes, she's worth a call.

By May. 12, 2013


Last-minute Mother's Day deal: Roku + Hulu Plus for $79.99

In addition to a Roku box and six months of Hulu Plus, this bundle includes an HDMI cable and free shipping. But will it arrive in time?

By May. 7, 2013


Google's cuddly Mother's Day doodle

In honor of Mother's Day in America and several other countries, Google has two of the letters in its logo hug a third.

By May. 13, 2012


Exclusively for CNET users: Big savings on the perfect presents for Mother's Day!

This week CNET Exclusives is celebrating Mother's Day and National Photography Month with two fantastic deals.

By May. 3, 2012


Mother's Day gifts: The smart planter, so mom never kills another plant

Forget the usual bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day. This year, give a plant that keeps on growing thanks to four AA batteries. CNET"s Sumi Das checks out some high-tech options for mom.

By May. 6, 2013


Tech gifts for Mother's Day

Whether you're a mom, married to a mom, or have a mom, these are the top tech gifts to deliver this May 8.

By May. 11, 2011


Verizon's moms to company: How 'bout a contract Mother's Day?

In an apparent response to Verizon's much criticized Mother's Day TV spot, some Verizon employees appear in a video to explain what they really want for Mother's Day: a contract.

By May. 11, 2012


Hey, kids, more moms want iPads for Mother's Day

A survey suggests that tablets and smartphones are swiftly catching up to jewelry and flowers as gifts that mothers crave (or, at least, feel they deserve) for Mother's Day.

By Apr. 29, 2012


Five great Mother's Day tech gifts under $100

Sure, a few obvious choices (Kindle Touch, anyone?), but you'll also find a few picks you might not have considered. And Mom will appreciate your thriftiness.

By May. 1, 2012